Miyerkules, Mayo 4, 2011

Bogo Special Ube Delight

                      Our mission is to provide good quality product and services.

                     Our vision is to be the number one producer of this product not only in Bogo but also 
                       in the whole country.

  • Expand sales to existing customers
  • Introduce existing products into a new market
  • Develop an incentive plan for research and development staff who are slow to innovate 
  • Broader or more attractive product line than rivals
  • Superior customer service
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction than rivals
  • To have a competitive advantage over the competitor 

Company's Profile:
            The business started when Anro & Gerold baked ube cake just for fun.When the cake already cooked it did not form into a cake. When they  had  taste it they did not expect the taste it so great. So, they came into their mind that it is good to use it in business as a product. Then they name their product "Bogo Special Ube Delight". Owned & Manage by Anro & Gerold.



                   For every Purchase of this item they will get a discount of 15%.
                The business is located at lower Ground Floor of Gaisano Bogo .
Contact number: 09222905050/09077076012